It all began with a gold hoop obsession...

Inspired by the differing styles of the London borough’s we grew up in, Gold Folk’s mission is to create affordable, long lasting, versatile pieces of jewellery to elevate your outfit. Influenced by the South London party scene, the bold streets of Shoreditch and the vintage vibes of West London, our focus is to be the home of statement ‘it girl’ jewellery, crafted with high quality materials.

Water Safe and Hypoallergenic Materials

Our pieces are created with 18K gold plated stainless steel, titanium steel & 925 sterling silver. These materials are carefully chosen to ensure we can deliver pieces that can last with you a lifetime.

We exist for the folk’s looking for more than the dainty and minimal. Created by an old school ‘alt girl’, we design pieces that fuse the line between elegant and edgy. Our mission? To make you feel every bit as golden as you are.

With love,
Shaherazad x