Jewellery Care


It's important to note that the process of 'tarnishing' is different from a pieces plate fading. Tarnishing occurs when jewellery turns black or green and is the result of imitation gold plating used over a poor quality base metal. Gold Folk jewellery is tarnish free but without appropriate care all gold jewellery (except solid gold) has the ability to lose it's plate overtime. By following the steps below you can ensure to keep your pieces safe for years to come.

18K Gold Plated 316L Stainless Steel

This composition is one of the most durable types of jewellery you can buy and requires very little maintenance. As good practice and to ensure your Gold Folk pieces last you a lifetime, we recommend;

  • Wash away any lingering residue from perfumes / lotions / sweat etc with a washcloth and warm soapy water - generic dish soap works just fine!
  • When not being worn store away from direct sunlight, as extreme heat exposure can affect plating overtime.

18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver based pieces are demi fine and slightly more delicate than stainless steel jewellery. To keep your sterling silver pieces in tip top shape we recommend:

  • Remove your huggies and wash your ear piercings weekly, naturally occuring sulphur and dirt that builds up inside your piercings can affect the posts of the earrings. If you don't keep your ears and huggies clean, you may notice the posts (the part that goes through your piercing) may begin to discolour. Please note, this isn't visible from the outside and does not affect the hypoallergenic nature of the piece. Just a bit of an eyesore when you remove them.
  • Sterling Silver is a softer metal than stainless steel. As our huggies are small pieces, they are naturally a little more fiddly when removing and you may find overtime that they don't click shut as tightly as when first received. It's an easy fix! Using your thumb, push the tip of the post (the part that goes through your ear and latches to the back of the earring) up slightly so the post visibly moves upwards and stays there. Close again and your huggie will fasten securely again. If you pushed the post up too high, just nudge it back down again. It may take a little trial and error at first but is a super simple way to ensure all your huggies stay secure forever!

Your bodies natural pH balance can affect gold plating. Our gold plated sterling silver pieces are very long lasting and with appropriate care will last you for years.

Not essential but general good practice

Keep them stored in a way that they don't get scratched by chains or other pieces of jewellery.

When not being worn, store them out of direct sunlight, as extreme heat exposure can cause plates to fade overtime.

Try to apply your lotions, perfumes etc before putting on your pieces, rather than spraying over them

If you don't have to get them wet, give them a break from time to time and let them breathe.